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Posted by on October 8, 2013

Say Aloha to Honolulu. The name of the city is derived from the word “hono” which means sheltered and “lulu” which means bay. The capital of Hawaii has long been considered to be one of the world’s signature tourist attractions and it is easy to see why –

Fun Facts about Honolulu

You might not know this about Honolulu but –

  • The island was occupied by Russia, France and Britain before it was annexed as part of the US in 1898
  • It is the most remote place in the country and supports a major population
  • The island of Oahu as part of the largest mountain range in the world; which is located under water
  • The city is surrounded by a 100 smaller islands, more than any other city in the world
  • It boasts of one of the largest collection of Buddhist temples in the Western world
  • Honolulu also has the longest borders in the world


Things to Do in Honolulu

The area offers a smorgasbord of private villas, hotels and inns for travelers who visit it. The island is also famous for its luaus. The spectacular dinner shows are accompanied with live music. Each traditional ceremony is followed by a lavish feast that includes fish, pork and chicken culinary delights that are sure to make your trip worth your while. Don’t forget to stick around for the live fire dance. You will be left mesmerized.

Of course, you cannot take in Oahu in its entire splendor if you don’t visit Waikiki beach. It is conveniently located and offers breathtaking panoramic views of the Hawaiian seascape. The beach offers an impressive array of activities. Swim in the blue waters, snorkel amongst the coral, surf the waves, take a canoe out or work on your tan in the sun. If you want the best surfing experience make sure that you visit Oahu’s North Shore which is within an easy drive from Waikiki.

The city has more to offer than beaches. You can tee off at three of the best golf courses at the island of Oahu where Honolulu originally lies. The island itself boasts of over 34 courses and 20 private golf courses.

The island also has a host of historic sites for travelers who wish to know more about the origins of the community. Some of the most visited include the Iolani Palace which was home to Hawaii’s last monarchs. In fact, the place also happens to be the only royal palace in the United States.

Why you Should Visit Honolulu

Because zillions of people wish to surf in its pristine waters, walk on the white sands and be greeted by beautiful garland toting native women.  The ample beaches, beautiful women and large golf courses are also why Honolulu’s economy depends on its tourist industry. A lot of tourists also flock to Pearl Harbor, the military base that was bombed by the Japanese in 1941; an event that prompted the United States to enter World War II. Make sure that you visit the memorial that is located about eight miles of downtown.

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