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New Orleans

new orleans skyline
Posted by on October 27, 2013

New Orleans is known for more than Mardi Gras. New Orleans has long been a popular tourist destination because of its festivals. Here are other reasons why planning a trip there would be a good idea –

Fun Facts

Here is what you might not know about the famous city –

  • The first opera in the US was performed in New Orleans
  • The term “Uncle Sam” was first coined at the wharfs of the city
  • Poker was invented in the city in the 1700s
  • The Superdome is the largest enclosed stadium in the world
  • New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz which is still a popular form of music today

Things to do in New Orleans

Here is what you can do to ensure that your visit to the city is one that you will cherish forever –

Mardi Gras

Metro New Orleans has hosted over 1800 Mardi Gras parades since the pageant was first introduced in 1857. What the city conceived by itself has now become one of the world’s grandest tourist attractions. However, unlike other events the festival of Mardi Gras is held on a different date each year. The celebration might prove confusing to newcomers. One of the most surprising aspects behind the festival is that it is considered to be a religious ceremony.

French Quarter

The French Quarter is a great substitute to Mardi Gras if you happen to visit New Orleans when the festival isn’t being held. The French Quarter is the city’s most popular and oldest neighborhood. The pedestrian friendly walkway is filled with music venues, tourist attractions and corner stores. It will take you no more than two days to see everything that is worth seeing at the Quarter.

Garden District

Hop on the St. Charles Streetcar which takes residents and tourists from the French Quarter to the Garden District. The district boasts a variety of plantation styled homes and is home to some of America’s wealthiest.

City Park

Travelers can always visit the City Park if they want to escape the hustle and bustle of the main city. The park is twice as large as New York’s Central Park and is situated on a former plantation. Some of the more popular sites in the place include the Sculpture Garden, the New Orleans Museum of Art, Botanical Garden, the Carousal Gardens and Storyland Playground.  Experience an authentic gondola ride Venetian style and visit Celebration in the Oaks; the city’s massive drive through Christmas light display.

Why should you Visit New Orleans

The culture and creativity of the Crescent City come to life in its neighborhoods. From the elegance of the Garden District to exciting festivals like Mardi Gras the city gives anyone who plans to visit it a lot to look forward to. The streets come alive with music and the food is great.

The city can be enjoyed in all seasons. Just make sure that you know the dates of any festivals if you plan on partying in the streets. It’s also best that you pack up some walking shoes. You won’t run out of souvenirs to shop for either. A lot of shops sell glass beads and masks for Mardi Gras.

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