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Las Vegas

Las vegas
Posted by on October 27, 2013

Viva Las Vegas!

Casinos, dancing girls and a booming nightlife; that is what describes a trip to the city of Las Vegas. If you are planning a trip there are a few aspects that would be worth looking into –

Fun Facts about Las Vegas

You might not know this but –

  • Camels were used as pack animals in the state of Nevada till 1870

  • 17 of the twenty biggest hotels in the country call Las Vegas their home

  • The city is visited by over 38.9 million people each year

  • The Stratosphere hotel and tower in Las Vegas is the fifth tallest building in the US

  • Most couples prefer marrying in Nevada since there is no waiting period

Things to do in Las Vegas

With the plethora of casinos and hotels in the city you will never run out of entertainment. Here are a few of the most popular –

The Bellagio Fountain

The Bellagio Fountain offers free entertainment for travelers on a budget and a great perk up for tourists who have run out of luck at the slots. The lake explodes in the middle between 3pm and 8pm and every 15 minutes from then till midnight. That is 1.214 liters of lake water exploding 460 above in the air. The fountain also performs choreographed dances from music compositions of Frank Sinatra or Gene Kelly.

Cirque du Soleil

Bet you have never been to a circus like this one. The Cirque de Soleil hires professional gymnasts to launch themselves in the air for the delight of the audience. The show is a bit pricey but is a definite must see if you can afford it.

Shark Reef Aquarium

You might have visited a lot of aquariums in other places that you have travelled to but you might never have gone to one like this. The Shark Reef Aquarium is a half indoors and half outdoors facility that has some of the most deadly creatures that lurk in the sea. Besides the signature sharks, the aquarium includes sting rays, crocodiles and even a komodo dragon.

The Deuce

Want to tour the city for $5? You can with the Deuce, which are a series of double-decker buses that go through the Las Vegas Strip all the way downtown. A $2 to $5 a ride isn’t a bad deal if you want to take in the sights before trying your luck at the casinos

Why you Should Visit  LA

Those who visit Las Vegas never leave disappointed. It is the ideal place to explore the natural wonders of the Southwest. It has everything that a traveler would love. Every show worth watching, restaurant and museum is within a short walk from each other. Of course, the bright lights aren’t all that Las Vegas is famous for. The city also offers a variety of other recreation besides the Strip. For example, tourists can always spend their vacations at any of the several National Parks such as Monument Valley, Bryce, Zion, Mesa Verde and of course, the iconic Grand Canyon.

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