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Boston – Visit Beantown

Posted by on October 27, 2013

in how the country came to be. Here are other reasons why taking a holiday trip there would be worth your while –

Fun Facts about Boston

Here is what you might not know about the city –

  • The Ted Williams tunnel in Boston is the deepest in North America
  • Alexander Graham Bell made his first phone call from his shop in Boston
  • Boston Common was the country’s first public park
  • Boston is also named as the City of Neighborhoods since it is the most subdivided
  • This is probably because it is the youngest city in the US
  • The city is home to the first library in North America

Things to Do in Boston

Never make the mistake of comparing Massachusetts to New York City no matter how much the city may look like the famous metropolis. The residents are particularly sensitive about the issue. Other than that, here is what you can do to ensure that your trip is a pleasant one –

The Freedom Trail

As mentioned, Boston plays a significant role in the independence of the country. Historic sites like the Freedom Trail are a great stop if you want to know what the city was like during turbulent times. The trail is in the form of a 2.5 mile stretch that hosts up to 16 sites that are remnants of the Revolutionary War. Take a guided costumed tour or bring you own map to tour the sites yourself. You can see all of the sites in an hour if you are in a hurry.

Boston Public Garden

The garden is located adjacent to Boston Common and also enjoys acclaim as one of the oldest botanical gardens in the country. Take a ride in the famous swan boats which are in operation from mid April till mid September. The pond is also available for ice skaters when it freezes over in winter.

Other popular attractions include Fenway Park for Red Sox fans, the Quincy Market for culinary enthusiasts, the Museum of Fine Arts for art buffs and a plethora of other sites that make the city worth a visit.

Why you Should Visit Boston

From its ethic neighborhoods to its theatre district, Boston offers travelers everything that they can wish for in a tourist destination. The transportation system is top notch which means that you won’t have any trouble getting around the city. Taxis are expensive in Boston so it’s best that you ask around for other modes of transportation as soon as you figure out where you need to go. It’s best that you don’t visit the city in February. The winters in Boston are harsh. You will enjoy yourself better if you take a trip there in any other season. Summers are breezy and temperate while Fall and Spring are glorious. Secondly, while the city is famous for its historic sites its best that you also take the time to visit other attractions. You will be glad that you did.

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