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Washington DC

washington White House
Posted by on October 12, 2013

Washington DC – A Trip Back in Time

The capital city of the United States has a lot to offer tourists besides historical monuments. Here are some of the most famous –

Fun Facts about Washington DC

But first, let’s see what makes the city so interesting –

  • There are 74 lobbyist for every US senator in the city

  • The residents of Washington consume more wine than any other state in the country

  • The city houses the Library of Congress which is the biggest library in the city; it contains over 535 miles of bookshelves

  • Washington DC is second only to Silicon Valley

  • Admission is free for the National Zoo, a zoo that holds thousands of animals from all over the world

Things to Do in Washington DC

Washington DC is home to a lot of tourist attractions. Make sure that you visit any of the following if you happen to pass by –

The Smithsonian

You can start your trip at the Smithsonian Museum. Make sure that you pick up a map that will tell you where the rest are as well. The museum covers a vast range of artifacts and attractions from a range of subjects from art to space exploration.

The National Mall

Instead of trying to look for any specific monument in the country go to the National Mall. This is the best way to see most of the city’s monuments and historical museums at once. Take the metro there and choose how to spend your day. There is also an old fashioned carousal in front of the Arts and Industries building that is located over halfway down the Mall. Also make sure that you visit the National Museum of National History. It has everything for the family.

Meridian Park

This is perhaps the most happening place in Washington DC especially if you spend your Sundays there. Get ready to bump into a variety of circus type acts and other performances such as slack lining, unicycles, jugglers, guitar and drum circles. The park itself isn’t particularly large but is great for a picnic spot especially when it comes alive during certain times of the day.

The Lincoln Memorial

Where is the place that seats a giant Abraham Lincoln? That would be the Lincoln Monument. The monument commemorates the 16th president of the United States and also features famous quotes by the famous man as well. The place is visited by over 6 million people every year.

Why you Should Visit

Washington DC owes its greatness to the politicians, poets and statesmen who helped shaped the US into what it is today. Visiting the city is like taking a trip back in time itself. Most of the monuments are spread out so it might be hard to visit all of them in one day. Therefore it’s best that you prioritize the places that you plan to visit by location. For example, you can start off at the National Mall to visit most of the famous landmarks at any one time. Whatever you decide to do in the city, it is sure to be a memorable experience.

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